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We build beautiful software that creates an environment in which users can operate seamlessly and happily. We can make your life better by creating software that supports you in doing whatever fulfills your goals. We build software that will assist you and your company internally and connects you to your customers flawlessly. We want your employees to be productive and efficient without frustration. We want your customers to be satisfied and content with you.

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Spring JWT with RSA (asymmetric encryption algorithm)

Alex Sükein 2020-09-25
Let's say we have an "auth server" that signs tokens for us and a "resource server" where we store some pretty sensitive data. We trust the auth server and we want to validate that the JWT we get indeed comes from that trusted auth server. In other words, how can we be sure that the guy who wants to detonate our printers is using a JWT that is from that very auth server?

Git in IDEA II. - Remote branches and correcting mistakes

Csaba Pálfi 2020-09-21
Welcome back to our series on the topic of utilizing GIT tools in IDEA - in this chapter we focus on: - taking advantage of stashing - keeping up with an updated remote base branch by rebasing - and correcting your mistakes by using amend commits and interactive rebases

Git in IDEA I. - Basics

Csaba Pálfi 2020-07-31
When it comes to developer tools, especially IDEs, JetBrains is one of the top contenders of the industry. Their IntelliJ-based IDEs offer a flexible, ergonomic, though sometimes performance heavy solution for the everyday developer. In this blog post series I'll focus on the version control system capabilities (especially Git and GitHub) of their latest IntelliJ IDEA (current release is 2020.1.2) which is one of our most common tools here at the Wanari Backend team.

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